You have statistic/data science skills and data visualization skills AND would like to have fun, learn and maybe win a drone or a robot kit? You don’t need to be a rock star in Data Science, but the challenge is about building a prediction model and a visualization of the data so you need those skills to be able to contribute to the team! And don’t worry we will put you together with fun and smart people to work with so you get a real chance to win the prizes!



You and your friends are the prefect A-Team and would like to participate together? No problem! You can register as a team (min 2 and max 4 people), but remember you need to bring the right skills to face the challenge (statistic/data science and data visualization skills) in order to have a chance to win the prizes.


You want to gain experience in event coordination/management, make meaningful connections by Wayra Munich, Telefonica Deutschland and the data science community? then sign up as a volunteer and help us during the event. And of course! There will also be prizes for the volunteers!